QODBC Server/Terminal Edition


It’s important for you to know first off that QODBC is not a system that can talk directly to the QuickBooks data file like other ODBC drivers. QuickBooks accounting rules must be respected in order to keep the financial system in balance, so our driver communicates with the copy of the QuickBooks program running on your machine using the Intuit SDK interface, which is fully supported by Intuit.

Our web version of QODBC will allow you to use any web tool you wish to use (ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion) to access data live from QuickBooks without conversion.

You can also share your QuickBooks license among multiple users by using the Terminal Services version of Windows Server or products from Citrix.

The Server/Terminal version is a separate product from the normal desktop editions of QODBC. The reason for this is twofold:

  • Firstly, as a licensing issue, we must allow for use by potentially hundreds of logins to the machine remotely using the web or via terminals.

  • Secondly, QuickBooks does not run as a system service (background task) which is what IIS Web Server Software runs as, so we have developed special software to allow us to communicate with QuickBooks running on the server console.

You can upgrade to the Server/Terminal Edition from the Read/Write version at any time for the difference in price. All of our products support QuickBooks USA versions 2020-2002, UK or Canadian 2020-2003. QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions are supported.

Support Documentation

You have two choices in setting up the Web Server Edition. The first is using the QODBC DCOM Servers. The second is using the Remote Connector Option.

Setup for QODBC Server/Terminal Edition

MS SQL 2005/2008/2012 32-Bit Using QODBC/QRemote

So isn’t it time you unleashed the full power of QODBC Web Server Edition?

Like our FREE QODBC Basic Edition, you can also try our OBLIGATION FREE 30 Day QODBC Web Server Edition Evaluation to see and write to QuickBooks Transaction Tables from a Web Server! Here are just some of the exciting features of using QODBC Web Server Edition:-

  • Access the Transaction Core of QuickBooks Accounting Data such as Invoices, Bills, Purchase Orders, Checks, Credit Memos, Estimates, Payments, Sales, Employee Time Tracking. Over 80 tables in all!*
  • Generate Powerful QuickBooks Reports in your own applications such as Details on AR & AP, Aging Reports, Balance Sheet, Collections, Transaction Detail, 1099 Detail, Customer Balance Detail, Estimates, Expenses, General Ledger, Income Detail, Tax Detail, Inventory Detail, Item Profitability, Inventory Status & Valuation, Job Profitability, Open Invoices, Profit and Loss, Open PO’s Sales by Customer, Sales Tax, Time by Job Trial Balance, Vendor Balance Detail & Summary. Over 75 reports total!*
  • Free installation support on our web forum.
  • Get Discounts on future upgrades to QODBC and our other exciting products.
  • Generate your own income by creating Web applications using the QODBC Web Server Edition!

Download and Activate QODBC Web Server Edition