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October 2011

QODBC Version 12.0 released with support for 64bit client applications and ease of connecting server based applications using the new Qremote component included free with QODBC.

November 2010

QODBC Version 11.0 released.

October 2009

QODBC Version 10.0 released with a blazing speed increase on data import up to 40%, a new tray icon to monitor, debug and stop runaway queries, as well as many new SQL syntax commands. QODBC is continuing to be included  in every copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2010 edition and for the first time is included in QuickBooks Enterprise for Canada, UK and Australia!

October 2008

QODBC Version 9.0 released with improved remote data support and long requested SQL syntax improvements. QODBC is again selected for inclusion in every copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2009 edition four years running.

September 2007

QODBC Version 8.0 released with speed increases for synchronizing data with QuickBooks and on large QuickBooks company files, and adds support for all USA and Canada 2008 QuickBooks editions. QODBC is again selected for inclusion in every copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2008 edition for the third year in a row.

October 2006

QODBC Version 7.0 released with super fast pass-thru SQL join technology, and adds support for all USA and Canada 2007 QuickBooks editions. QODBC is selected for inclusion in every copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2007 edition for the second year in a row. Our new web site for the Europe region is launched at

July 2006

Plan to join us at the Sleeter Group Conference, November 7-10, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV and our debut of a brand new reporting product that is QuickBooks-Centric.

May 2006

FLEXquarters has a booth at the first QuickBooks Enterprise Users Conference in Phoenix.

March 2006

QODBC adds support for QuickBooks UK 2006. Intuit Advisory Council Newsletter (IDNAC) article covers out
QDataImport product.

February 2006

QDataimport released with the ability to import and export QuickBooks list data after you have modified it!

November 2005

QODBC Version 6.0 released with super fast Optimizer Technology, and adds support for all USA and Canada 2006 editions. QODBC Selected for inclusion in every copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2006 edition. QODBC is selected as one of the top 10 “Awesome Add-Ons” by The Sleeter Group at their annual conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

April 2005

QODBC adds support for Australia/New Zealand QuickBooks 2005/06 edition, and QuickBooks UK 2005.

February 2005

An article in the Alpha Five Newsletter describes using QODBC to create invoices in QuickBooks.

January 2005

Release of QIntegrator, a solution for importing shopping cart data from Yahoo Merchant Solutions, SWREG and CPA Technology Advisor has featured FLEXquarters products in a
recent article. QIntegrator was featured in an article in the newsletter For the Love of Business by Bonnie J. Nagayama, CPA.

December 2004

The Intuit ProConnection December Newsletter featured an article on FLEXquarters products being mentioned as 2 of the 10 “Awesome Add-ons” for QuickBooks. FLEXquarters staff member Chuck Vigeant was also in the Advisor Spotlight in the same issue for his pioneering work creating complex Crystal Reports from QuickBooks data.

November 2004

The Intuit staff was impressed with our documentation on the QuickBooks developers kit interface, so much so that now the QuickBooks SDK makes a direct link to our web site to show the relationship between data and the application using the Visual Field Explorer.

October 2004

We are proud to announce the release of QODBC Version 5 which now supports QuickBooks 2005 USA and Canada editions! It also adds a number of great new features like remote access, which allows you to use live data from a QuickBooks user running anywhere via the Internet or on your local network! We have also added support for the QuickBooks Online product. Thanks for your support!

September 2004

Join FLEXquarters at the Intuit Canada Discovery Conference, Niagra Falls Oct 27-30 2004. We are proud to announce that the QODBC driver and tools has been chosen as one of the “Ten Awesome Add-ons” being demonstrated by The Sleeter Group at the QuickBooks Consultant’s Conference to be held on November 3-5, 2004 in Boca Raton Florida. We have posted a new tutorial for a fantastic database tool called Alpha5 which we highly recommend for use with QODBC if you want to create forms and reports without programming.

August 2004

Our products have been so popular that we have had to upgrade to a new web server at a new location with 5 times the power and 50 times the bandwidth to server you better. Tell us if you notice any problems with links. thanks!

July 2004

QReportGrabber product now available for downloadand purchase. re-launched with new quick and simple navigation system and quicker loading pages. Tell us what you think!

June 2004

Our company manager Brad Waddell has been named to be Chair of the Tools Subcommittee of the Intuit Advisory Council. This group has direct contact with Intuit on directions they are taking with the QuickBooks product and the QuickBooks SDK interface used by all add-on products.

May 2004

QODBC News Issue 1
is released. Support of QuickBooks UK 2004 edition added to QODBC product.

March 2004

FLEXquarters Managing Member Brad Waddell has been featured as the spotlight article in the Intuit Developer Network Newsletter. The article online features a story, photos and a video interview. We’d like to thank Intuit for their incredible help in getting information on our solutions out to the public. Article

February 2004

Consulting Services to create custom solutions based on QuickBooks data are launched on

FLEXquarters announces the release of the products QTableGrabber and Last Price and Cost Grabber.

January 2004

FLEXquarters was invited by Intuit Canada to be one of only 20 vendors to participate in “Discovery 2004”, a special invitation only seminar for professional advisors to users of QuickBooks in Canada. The 200 attendees were excited about the new QuickBooks features and editions, FLEXquarters is pleased to be involved in this emerging marketplace. FLEXquarters team member Chuck Vigeant gave a presentation to the members showing the range of our product line. Video Presentation (note: the file is large and may take some time to download).

December 2003

Our company attends the second annual Intuit Developer Conference, and FLEXquarters has a booth in the exhibitor pavilion. We were very pleased that Intuit ProAdvisors had been invited to the conference for the first time, as they are the target market for our productivity tools. In addition, FLEXquarters Managing Member Brad Waddell is invited to speak during a conference session on Using Third Party Tools.PDF of the session slides

September 2003

As a member of the Intuit Developer Network, we are chosen as the subject for a press release on the value of the developer program by Intuit Public Relations. Press Release

June 2003

Support for QuickBooks UK edition added to QODBC.
Intuit Canada includes a discount coupon for the QODBC Driver inside the box of it’s new “Business in a Box” package.

May 2003

Intuit launches the QuickBooks Software Add-On’s store on, and all FLEXquarters products are included in the launch.

April 2003

FLEXquarters is chosen by Intuit for an exclusive bundling agreement with the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition. A special offer was mailed to potential purchasers of the advanced version of QuickBooks to include a bonus copy of the FLEXquarters products QDataViewer and QODBC.
Support for QuickBooks versions recently released in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore announced for the QODBC Driver.

March 2003

FLEXquarters announces the release of the reporting package QDataViewer.
FLEXquarters is offered the opportunity to be among only 7 companies invited to personally train the sales staff at the Intuit Tucson Arizona call center. The staff was trained on our product in 4 groups over 2 days, and were very enthusiastic that our tools would help them sell the newly released QuickBooks Enterprise Edition for larger companies, as larger organizations are more likely to require custom features and automated operations than very small companies.

February 2003

Support for Canadian editions of QuickBooks added to QODBC, the ODBC Driver for QuickBooks files.

December 2002

The first Intuit Developer Conference is held in San Francisco California, and FLEXquarters has a booth in the exhibitor room. The contacts made at this conference make it a valuable event for us, and the support from Intuit is unmatched.
FLEXquarters becomes part of the QuickBooks 2003 Power Launch program as a Premiere Developer Member of the Intuit Developer Network.

October 2002

FLEXquarters announces the official release of the first full read/write ODBC Driver for QuickBooks data, QODBC. Product listed on the
QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace.

December 2001

Early Read-Only edition of the QODBC appears on the web site.

March 2001

On the same day that the official “QuickBooks API” interface is announced, FLEXquarters becomes a Premiere member of the Intuit Developer Network in preparation for the release of the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks.