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QODBC.com Support Page

Whether you're just evaluating or a registered user of QODBC FLEXquarters.com Limited provides the best support possible to help our customers succeed and gain the maximum benefits from our software products.

Free Technical Support

Our Knowledgebase has over 1000 articles covering all facets of our products. Code examples and innumerable invaluable tips can be found here.

If a search of our Knowledgebase does not provide the solution you're looking for enroll in our free technical forum, post your specific question and one of our technicians will reply to you.

Paid Technical Phone Support

The Free Technical Support Forum and Knowledgebase is always available to get you connected. Support issues specific to your application or requirements are subject to a $75 per incident consulting fee (All major credit cards accepted for payment). A full refund will be provided and there will be no charge for Priority Support if the problem is found to be a fixable bug in the software. Click here for further details.

Consulting Services

FLEXquarters.com Consulting Services can develop a solution for your exact need, whether it be tools, customized reports and assistance, or solutions for data access or data entry automation projects. Time intensive tasks such as synchronizing data between QuickBooks and other applications, manually updating large inventory lists, creating custom reports created by the old cut and paste method, etc. can be automated saving you time and money. We have a group of consultants that have over 20 years of integration, accounting and database experience that can provide a custom solution to suit your needs at very reasonable rates. Click here for more details.

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Online Resources for QODBC:

Announcement List

To be alerted to news about QODBC, product releases, beta test cycles, new features and promotions, click here. Instructions on leaving the mailing list will be included in each announcement, and we will not give your email to any other party.

Discussion List

Join our open email discussion group, hosted by Yahoo Groups, where you can share tips for using QODBC and learn how others are using the product. When you join, the messages you and the other members post will be emailed to you and to the rest of the group. Sometimes message volume can be a problem, so the signup process includes the ability to "digest" the messages into one email per day. You can also read them from the web page link below. There is advertising included in messages for this list. Email discussions have the benefit of allowing for discussions to be delivered, as opposed to having to visit a newsgroup server. Join the discussion list here.

Join the discussion list here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qodbc

Telephone Support

The Free Technical Support Forum is always available to get you connected. Support issues specific to your application or requirements may be subject to a $75 per incident consulting fee. Program anomalies will be addressed at no charge and updaters posted on our web site.